Friday, February 27, 2009

Stat Counter the better counter by far...

After testing out several different counters, I feel that is the better of them.

It gives you the most detail and picks up the most sites.

Some sites have the same features but do not catch all site views. You may think your advertising budget is going down the tubes, but it just may be that your counter is not picking up these soruces. I ran all counters at the same time for a month and could see what was being missed.

Hitstats isn't too bad nor is Google's tracking service, but they are not very expandable. They also seemed to miss some hits. Hitstats will give you a nice counter you can display on your site that will show your number counts to visitors. If you want to put a counter that shows to the public, you might as well pick Hitstats since you get both a visible counter and tracking services.

I highly recommend Stat counter for your site tracking needs.

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