Friday, February 27, 2009

All About Traffic Exchanges

All About Traffic Exchanges

by: Penelope Smith

Traffic Exchange Sites are websites where you essentially exchange traffic. You submit your sites and earn page views to your site by viewing other sites. This can be done both automatically and manually. But dont think the work automatically means its without work on your part. Some sites offer both and some specialize in only one type of surfing.

Auto Surf

Auto surf is more for page-view/site-view stats. Your sites do get viewed by real people but can be missed or not clicked on because they automatically continue on to the next site. I know I have missed something I wanted to click on because it moved on before I was ready. When surfing on these sites, you really have to remember that you are on auto and that if you see something interesting to open the site in a new window or tab before it moves on.

Manual Surf

Manual sites can be broken down into 2 separate kinds. There is hover surf and click surf. Some offer the options to choose. Hover surf is where you simply have to hover over the location required to move on to the next site. Click surf is where you have to click a particular image or number to move forward to the next site. I personally prefer hover surf because it is just simpler in my opinion. You also have to be careful with hover surf as you do with auto surf. Once you slide past the spot, it will go on to next page. You can sometimes miss a bonus or offer because you hovered over the wrong location.

Choosing a site

There are numerous sites to choose from. Site with less than 100 people to sites with over 50,000 people. Don’t be deceived by big numbers. The more people in an exchange, the faster your credits run out. These larger sites often have much lower surf ratios as well which means you will have to work harder and longer to get views for your sites.

I find it better to get in with small exchanges when they are just starting and grow with them. You can get great surf ratios and many times extras like free upgrades or a large number of free credits. They sometimes also offer an extremely cheap upgraded account or have contests for free upgraded accounts. It is also easier to get signups under you when there is a really great offer.

I suggest making a blog about your exchanges and using it in your promotions. You can visit my blog for an example: and also find free upgrade offers as well. I would suggest to start at these exchanges if you are new to exchanges and then add new sites as you come across them in your surfing. A blog is free and is a great way to spread the word about all your sites in one place.

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