Monday, January 26, 2009

Traffic Exchange - Is it worth it?

Many people have many different opinions on whether traffic exchanges are worth it. So let me give you mine.

I think that for sites just starting out both website and blogs, it can be a great thing. It gives you some ranking leverage and gets some people to look at your site. Not everyone can afford to pay for advertising. There are many other free methods as well which I will cover in later posts.

I will say there are differences between traffic exchanges. You may be tempted by the big numbers of some of the large traffic exchanges but they are usually the ones with the worst numbers in your favor.

Do your homework. Don't settle for less than 1:1 unless there is a really good progressive bonus that will take you up to that level. You will wast too much time and your credits will be gone to fast.

There are far too many new places poping up all over the place with much better odds.

I have started a blog dedicated to just this:

I list all free lifetime upgrade sites I come across, so if you want to get in, free lifetime upgrades is the way to go. These sites are new and is why they are offering such great deals. They will be slow to go at the begining, but all traffic exchanges have to start somewhere and you might as well get in while the getting is good.

Do remember that these are real people that are surfing for traffic too. Many of the ads you will see surfing will be for get rich quick schemes but there will also be personal pages, bands, and stores that just want to be seen. You may find something you need or want in the process, as well as make some friends.

The fact boils down to, people are looking at your site, and maybe it will appeal to someone and maybe it won't but you get the same amount of odds with a PPC program and exchanges are free. I would rather spend an hour surfing then $100 on PPC and get the same results.

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